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When I was learning to drive, we had cb’s for on the road in our cars and many people had them in their homes. We would talk in them in short more clipped words, we had handles that we went by like nicknames. It’s actually wear naming vehicles came from, when a person had a handle they would put that name on them so people could contact them. CB’s only had a short rang on them so you could only talk to people around you about 50 yards or so. We even played hide and seek with them trying to find other people by signal and sound waves. When people showed drivers respect out on the roadways and so were our truckers.


When I was 16, I just got my driver license and lived a good clip from Leanns blogtown in a small town called La Sal mountains about 45 minutes out from anything but nature. To go to school it was about 40.8 miles or so to monticello Utah or work I had to travel about 31.5 miles one way to moab that’s from home. These roads are twisty, turns, heavy traffic roads and a dangerous highways of the US Route 191. For a girl not weighing no more than 110lbs out on those roads alone my folks worried about me but let me have my independence. Now we didn’t have cell phones like you do now days, but my folks always knew they could count on them 18 wheelers and truck drivers.  To help me as long as that cb was there and working in my little truck. Talked to them almost everyday as I was on my route and they there’s, most the time i’d just listen. I was taught that there is always someone with there ears on, twenty four hours a day. To you younger folk that may not make since but here it is. There is no place, at no hour, that someone is not watching, they listen, they hear and they are everywhere. There are few roads that a trucker has not passed, traveled or don’t know where is. Many are men that have vast amount of skills, most see all, hear all and know more of what’s going on everywhere in america where you don’t or even have a clue about. Now If you were to get out of that box that you’re in and visit the world maybe you would be more culturally diverse and have a clue. But problem is most don’t they think what happens where they are is what the rest of the world is like. Problem is that even if you just traveled the US you find that not even true here. Then there are those that seem to think they are just another delivery driver. Most of your truckers are so much more than you know! 

Leanns blogThey are our quite watchmen and women so you can have such a living that you have grown custom too. They are the voices in the dark that places new light on your life. Protecting your roads in a way not seen by the public eyes.

In any field there are downfalls, bad ones and good. Most are lonely out there, but friendly some are there by choice and others are there because they feel they have to be. They are saving our world in ways not seen or heard, I don’t know of a trucker that’s out there to gloat about what they have done. They take time from their families not knowing when they will be home or Where they will go next for sure. Just that there will be a next load, they may be a hermit by nature, or things have happened to them that they just like the quiet and some are the veterans that came home not feeling like civilian life fits them now. But whatever their story that trucker you’re harassing is that big rig that brought that food, clothes, and what not’s to that very store where you live. There out there protecting what you can’t see from where you’re view in life is. Leanns blog


There was a time that what I was taught was my saving grace too!  Once was a bad snow storm I was stuck on the road, along came a trucker and helped me on my way. I have seen them give blankets and bring people in, even if it’s just to warm them up, so the problem can be fixed out there on that cold roadway. They give food to the starving or a gas can of gas for the one out of fuel and help where they can unseen or heard. Leanns blog

The time that mark my heart the most is when I was on the road for a high school state event headed to Salt lake city alone on the road as a young women. There was a regular truck that would not leave me alone. I noticed it at the gas station I had left shortly before. The person was watching me, up the road from there he tried to get me to slow down to get me to stop. I called on the CB for the truckers to help, sure thing a few miles later when this guy in the regular truck tried to run me off the road. Out came the truckers to block off my path, they locked me between that convoy of trucks and made it where that guy in the truck had to leave me alone. I was so very scared that day on the road a young woman of just sixteen a little thing at that. The man that was following me looked up to no good, his actions just proved it that day on the road. It sure is a good thing those truckers were there. When that group of truckers left me that day, they traded off with others along my path. Tell I was safe at my state event, for school but I sure was thankful. I’m not sure what would’ve happend to me without those good ol boys but I count myself lucky that day. I think about that day from time to time, think of how lucky and sure i’m not the only one out there.

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You people piss me off! Truckers are not the problem!

Get out of there way and stop cutting them off! Stop forcing deadlines, you can’t make in your car! Stop blaming them, for your lack of paying attention or your careless driving! You won’t jump in front of a train and expect it to stop, for you, so why do you think the big rig can stop like a car! Get out of there way! With your lack of education and start fighting for the good on our roads. I swear drivers education that was killed with lack of funds, use to stress this very thing. Now it’s that lack of education that has drivers on the wrong again. Stop blaming the good and educate yourself! It’s not the truckers as much as it is the lack of education in drivers today, distractions and lack of awareness. Drive safe everyone!

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