Topless 2017

Leanns blog Have you ever felt like you’re allergic to every electronic you touch? I don’t know sometimes I feel like as if devices actually know that I don’t care for them and rebel from my touch. Maybe they just know and decided to just mess with me because they can. Well ok it’s not really my fault but my kids tease me, that I repulse technology all together. It does how ever makes me feel better to know when it really was not my fault at all. This time it was blown circuits, overloaded satellite, and all data restricted because of so many people using them at one time. Makes it hard to keep in touch with all of you. It was great to have you here!

The land of lost souls is a small island two miles wide, it’s more like a sand bar with the ocean all the way around i,t by the name of bolivar peninsula in Texas. We depend on travelers, and the tourist to come boost our economy success. Our normal population here is 2,417 people as sensus states for people who live here all the time. Now take another 10+ thousand people add them to that small space and overload. It was a packed full place, most stayed just the weekend but many came about a week. Leanns blog

This last week was a Jeep week, we call the event Topless, Normally we have a peaceful large  beach with plenty of shoreline for them to truly enjoy, but for some reason this event got to endure the high tides with water up to the dunes more than not. It forced people to park in or on the water’s edge in the sand, plus the dunes side, then add traffic for people to drive on and you can say slow drive and traffic jams. Many didn’t have the patience and decided walking was a better outcome. Nothing wrong with that, when it takes almost two hours to move two blocks yeah walking is the better choice. Well guess for me it’s rolling but my chair is my legs so I still say let’s go for a walk. To get to work many of the local people decided just to safely leave their cars at home and walk if they could. Nothing wrong with that.  

Gas station that just did a complete overhaul during the winter months turned into a drive in a short time after its grand opening. This gas station was very busy when one jeep ended up in the store full of people. There were some hurt pretty bad and I pray for them and the families.

Leanns blog wow topless was the meaning of take the doors off your jeep, no top on jeep and time to enjoy the breeze. Well it meant a whole new thing this weekend. They took it literal, can’t say I blame them the first time I heard about the event I had to ask what they were thinking. so the naked people came out, every where! I have teen agers at home and if they were normal kids you would think they would enjoy such things. Women everywhere naked or in bikinis or just in bottoms. You’d think that would be a invite for young men to enjoy the view at the least. Not my kids! They went to work and hide as much as they could from it. They tried to stay hidden at home as much as possible, now I don’t believe for a minute that there eyes did not roam from time to time. Funny thing is when I asked them about it they said mom it’s trashy and degrading. Well ok then subject is closed! But true to the core the locals had to ask both sex’s to put clothes on before entering the store. Some of what I seen this weekend made the photos of woodstock look g rated. Many from that area said it was like walking in a live time capsule. when they were there at the real thing. well guess that’s for you to decide.

Till we got hammered with weather and just like that our island was are own again, tell this next group comes in for the veteran fundraiser, Frog fest! for tickets, click links also on twitter or facebook. Live music, beach, camping and plenty of booze. I hope the event raises the money they need for our soldiers, last year they didn’t get to help to many, I hope they do better this year. Everyone else have a great time, be safe out there, we want everyone to return safe. 

Well wish you all to have a great time tell the next time Leanns blog.

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