Rant “They thought it was funny!”

Leanns blogI home school my son, so every year he has to report to a location given to us by the school for state tests, that are held at all different locations throughout each state. This makes it so these home school kids can go between home school and public school at accredited standards as they like or need too. I have been a long time supporter of this program and have put two other children though this very program. This program has always prided it self on trust your parents, their choices, kids come first and your kids get to learn at there own pace, with lots of help where they need it. I have always held a great respect for this program. The way they treat the kids and the families have been wonderful.

This school year 2016-2017, how ever! The classrooms have been over booked at 200+ kids per teacher and staff that doesn’t seem to care about the student. There was very little encouragement from teacher to student. Staff only contacted the kids or parents when they didn’t make the mark or turn something in. When teachers give only negative that’s what they receive. Not one reward was issued from the staff to the students or ways of positive marks.  Leann's blog

They kept changing the staff around or letting them go unexpected. Not on breaks or end of terms, all year long this happened giving the students no security, and the students having to turn work in more than once from the changes. grade books not being updated and assignments going unmarked.

The programs have not worked and your on the phone with tech support almost as much as you are in virtual class. You call tech support and they fix it, they will help you. The phone number for tech support had to be tracked down, it was not plainly Wheres the customer service here? It’s very frustrating to have systems not working and trying to meet due dates but to top that off with someone basically calling you a liar! Then they tell you that you are the only customer to have this problem. All note your call in your account, not fix it or investigate, and just note it! This fixes my problem how? I wasted my time from what I was doing for this. Then the teachers give you No credit for the tech issues, or extensions for the work not being turned in or completed. Your student doesn’t get credited for doing it because its late by the time your issue is fixed. Students are even getting docked for systems not updating the way they should. The kids are being punished for the programmers errors and school issues. Yahoo was not communicating with the schools system. Parents and students did not find this out tell over 3/4 of the year was past. Therefore parents and students got docked for not following through with there agreement with the school. Parents had no idea someone was trying to talk to them in any way. I found out I gladly changed emails so did many other parents, we should of been notified as soon as the school suspected it was happening, not punished the students and parents for it.

Leanns blogWhen the kids do not make a class connect session they get in trouble for it but when the are and not getting the credit for being in them its the teachers doing. The child still got punished for not being marked as there. Another sign of way to many kids per teacher, just because there not in a physical location doesn’t mean this is ok to over book them. These cc sessions are suppose to be there to help the kids understand what they are learning about at that time. How does that work? If what the teacher is doing is not the same as the on line material? The kids normally use the CC and OLS program to answer questions about what they are currently learning in school. They have overdone the CC classes to a point they only give the kids, homework time in the evenings or on Friday to do there work. If the students do not pass on the first try or get credit for completing the task the are placed in another CC for not doing there work. Part of the problem is time, so lets solve that by giving them less of it! Come on people! The school requires that a adult attends these punishment classes with there student. That the kids are placed in as punishment, you as the parent for not doing your job this year as there learning couch. I guess some parents don’t pay attention to what there kids are doing and I get that in a way. If the staff is requiring a parents to take time and then the staff talks to the parents in a degrading way! How does this solve anything, especially when the parent knows that there kid is in there for a low test score because they are paying attention. when the staff chooses not to let you talk at all, It pisses people off! We are adults and are choosing your school program, not the other way around. Many other parents are experiencing the same thing and are very unhappy this year. Most seem to be from my district, this has happened to more parents in my district than not.  It may not be the whole program, but its uncalled for behavior. Come on if its a whole district area being treated this way! It’s too many and you need to figure out what the problem is in that district. Were island people and normally pretty chill, if were this mad maybe you should pay attention. I think people have forgotten that home school, and charter schools came around from parents being unhappy with the public schools. Parents being unhappy and taking a stand is why so many public schools have been closed down, and sold off. There is a competition between schools now to be the best for the parents to bring their kids to that school. You may get state funding but if you make parents just another number, they will take action! It will not be in your favor, shame on you! Did you think you were a corporation and had that right! Think again! I am not just a number and neither is my child! You pissed on the wrong parent!

To top that off  for State testing the schools site choice was a hotel. They require the parents to drive out of the area they live to meet maxim amount of needs. Every Parent sign a contract saying that we are willing to do this for our child. Most parents are ok with this part of it and are happy to do so.

However this year, the school decided to split up the test days into multiple days, with all grades in one, everything was all mixed up and disorganized like a unscheduled event. The kids in grades in one room not split up in any way. Why would you do that? My son and other students came home saying that the elementary kids talked all of testing and were never even addressed about it. Hey staff they were disrupting the other kids during testing!when the students feel they have to say something about the amount of talking, that’s sad. The groups were all over the place. Seven graders with fourth graders during state testing, really how is this ok? One group taking one test in mass of all ages. Then the other being instructed during the test of the other kids and so on, is how it was done this year. This was not privily at a table in groups with like grades and age groups but over the whole room. This was disturbing to the other students currently taking there test for there grade.Things like this don’t mix well! It makes kids test badly and score low on the tests. next time send a teacher that knows how to teach a mix groups or teach them how to properly do the job. To instruct mixed age groups with out disruption of the other kids you separate, the students by like age groups and grades. Next you give instructions to each group alone with them and not over a whole room like that. Keep the elementary to them selves and test them one time, not together! A, safety and no bulling for the younger kids, B totally different behaviors, c less disruption for the students! Your teachers you should know this. It made many older kids uncomfortable and they had to test, based on if they passed that test that makes a big deal in there future. They get one retake in these conditions, and collages look at these scores. Please! These are kids that are use to there own environments most of the time and already move out of it for this event each year.

Here’s the part that got me and many other parents! Maybe not all test sights were this way and I hope not; but ours was. The parents were required to drop off there kids and sign them in after driving a trip, but were not allowed to use the public restroom. I get the laws that say no adults unauthorized with students, for the protection and safety reasons. You can ask students to use the bathroom before parents arrive or schedule a time that’s not pick up and drop off. The school could post it in a email to parents as a warning, pass a letter around but there is a difference between that and out right rude or discrimination treatment to the parents.  The teachers and stuff were straight out rude. It was as if they had no clue of the answers or maybe that would of required time from talking with each other to respond and not the parents. I was called to pick up someone else child on two occasions and caught the mistake so the staff could contact the right person. When you asked questions about the test sight online, they were not answered by teachers, parents on other sites gave you the information that was needed. No times were given by staff in their email. Most often parents had to guess or find information on networks, the grape vine is not where you want parents finding out information that your failing to provide “just to let you know.” Most parents sat in a parking lot not far from the hotel because the hotel and the school staff that was of choice decided that parents are not welcome. That included as a paying customer in there restaurant on site of the hotel. We were not allowed as parents to use the pubic bathroom. Where they posted a guard to keep parents out, not to keep the parents and children notified for safety reasons. I didn’t know this at the time and went right past the guy.  Got past the first bathroom door, there was a second one, that opened the opposite way, I ended up getting my wheel chair stuck and finally got around that to make it in the bathroom. Where I had to wait for a young girl to leave the only handicap bathroom to use it. When there was five regular stalls open for that child to use. When I get out from the stall, I go to use the sink and can’t its to high to reach and the soap is on the wall way above my reach. Go to leave after using some hand sanitizer that I keep in my bag for that very reason and I can’t reach the door handle. Five female parents tried to get past that guard to help me and were denied access.  As i’m locked in the bathroom, yelling for help to get out and they were being blocked. The staff was laughing thinking this was funny and the guard was the leader of it. My family had to use force to get past the guard to let me out of the bathroom. That’s why I’m on here telling you all about my horrible experience this year. That was my last straw! If I would of been a traveler in that hotel or there on my own I would of been stuck and helpless to the laughing staff!  Maybe the people who need to know that this is happening is not being told or even aware of the issues going on but when your staff contacts, that you have been given by the school won’t listen.Where do you turn? How are parents suppose to be heard? Nothing else this year has worked maybe this will. The schools need to stop thinking the can walk all over the parents like we’re carpet! Start listening to your parents and what they have to say! Leann's blog

That’s the end of my rant, hoping they get there stuff together for next year. please help me share this story so it doesn’t happen to someone else. Leann’s blog.

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