Spring Breakers 2017

Why would I post a live video feed of spring breakers on the beach party’s on a site like mine?

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Spring break 2017

Well it’s for information 46 people become SCI in the USA per day from accidents. There are 500 amputees per day from car accidents alone per day. 3,000 work related accidents per year.  Lets raise the awareness needed.

So the answer to that question is those people who choose to come, drive drunk, be rude to all the business, leave trash all over, and choose to do Brodie’s or donuts out on the sand this could be you. There are people who Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Leanns blog
My name is Leann, I’m disabled! I have made a choice to live my life, if people like it or not. I will not be trapped at home because someone out there, has this notion that other people don’t want to see my handicap. I don’t care if they want to see me or not! I’m going to be out there. I have been talked to by many people saying its not done. Well why not!
I try to join a group doing some activity with my kids, or in the community, or even in social media. I’m told your disabled, I’m aware of my challenges in life, the question is are you going to try to block me from something that is within my rights as a human and a person who pays taxes to do. So far I have herd many reasons why people are uncomfortable with my disability but few stop me. I just have to detour sometimes. I have learned that most the time its just a matter of there is not enough active, and willing people that are disabled to be seen. Well I believe we have challenges to face, Its harder for us yes, but we are able. So I am standing up in my own way right here and right now. I’m stubborn, brass and I really don’t care what others like or dislike! I have started to gather a fan base where ever I go, they say i’m a inspiration to them and others around them. I have watched communities grow in knowledge, and the amount of disabled people I see out and about all because of what I am doing. The county’s that have little handicap access are being forced to change it. It’s not up to one person to decide if your photo or you, should be seen on some social network, who cares if they find it offensive! They can block it. Just Live! live like you want to. Someone out there finds my wheel chair ugly and don’t want see it, well they can stroll on. My point is, you have to try. I was in a parade last week, there were people on the ramp blocking my way, I said hey can I please have the ramp? The lady turns around says “really”. Ah yeah really! Move out of the way! Fact is these types of people will be out there if you were not disabled your just more sensitive to it when you are. There has always been people willing to step up for me, when they see this happen. Be strong, disabled or not! Well hope to talk to ya all soon! please like, follow and all that good stuff.