Love ones self!

People are good! We desire to feel loved and needed in our lives. We have many emotions, hopes  Leanns blog dreams, thoughts and we often expect others to fill in the blanks that we are missing in our lives. The problem with that is we don’t always recognize that there is a need to be filled. Therefore we do not express it as we do basic needs like i’m hungry that’s easy to express. what’s wrong with my life? um not so much! We often don’t know ourselves until we realize that something is missing.  Each and every person is where they are in life because they chose to be. I don’t mean financially! We really don’t have much control over that, you may have it one day and not the next. Heck I use to be at the top of middle class then my accident happened. Three years latter I have nothing to show for any of that life I once had. I am now just an outsider looking in at what everyone else has, and there judgment of what they now see. I’m very poor, but its ok I know who I am and what I will one day be again. I believe in people, yes there is a lot of crooked ones out there. On my journey to recovery, I have met all types of people, the ones you know to stay far away from that make your stomach turn.The job seeker who goes from one job to the next, an alcoholic or drug addict. These have been the ones I was lead to pray for and planted Christs seed in the most. Some have been lead down a dark path and have lost there ways. Then theirs the other ones that choose to be evil and I pray for them but keep my distance. Leann's blogThe crooks that have money and use everyone else. They just irk me off to know end, and give everyone out there a bad name, even when there are true needs out there. Then there are others that are disabled, elderly, sick, and just cant afford the expenses. Those who have lost there homes,jobs, belongings and life to a natural disaster. This group that i’m referring to has no family to turn to or turned away by them and they have no where to go. They have no choice but to survive any way they can.  We as people place our judgment against them and even when its there own reasons they do so. The choice is there own tell there is someone willing to help them, for each person its a different need. Is your neighbor starving, do they have heat, or air conditioning and clothes. The darkness of someone needing love, hope and acceptance is right under our noses. There is a reason so many schools send home the back pack with food in them, that there are so many people on energy assistance. These are the ones who can get some form of help what about those who don’t qualify or the government doesn’t see there need or count there expenses. It takes the average person over three years for disability to even look at them. How are they suppose to pay there bills that long with nothing. Fact is unemployment, workman’s comp, medical, and law suites take time. Others get screwed out of it because they don’t fit in that box exactly. One person got punished with a non compliance for not being able to afford a pill that cost them $650 dollars for 10 pills. Another had a reaction to the pills and it was the same thing non complacence to the doctors orders. These cases are thrown out and they wont touch them again for another three years and most the time they go right back to that and don’t let you speak on your own behalf. It don’t feed you in the mean time, or shelter you and your loved ones. These are the people living on your streets, or just trying to survive tell someone opens there hearts and makes there life better. There are some who do not want help and that’s alright too at least you tried.      Leanns blog

I Guess It doesn’t really matter how you refer to them. The Wanderers generally travel for work and housing needs. Gypsy are considered travelers by trade they create and sell. Roamer, rover, generally travel with a large group of people for entertainment for others. Nomad, hobo, travel from place to place lost but make money in each place they come to, and they use shelters when they can. They often choice to drift from place to place. Back packers, personal growths, seeker, social acceptance, curiosity seekers, independence, drifters, many veterans, most of them fit in this area there lost and looking for something there just not sure what.

Alcoholic, druggies,Bums, Job stallers (a student after high school and before collage graduate), some backpackers (that are giving others a bad name), homeless, chronically ill, disabled, or sick and dying. These are generally the ones who don’t work and beg. Some is by choice and some have no other choice, no one wanted to help them now this is where they are.

Every towns favorite tourist traveler vacationers, Missionary worker of god, explorer, adventure, to do list, empty nestors, digital nomads, artists, photographers, and getaways.  The ones who most experiences in advance and spends money when there here.

Well that all for now until next time. Leann’s blog

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