Is are world truly this? Caged place

Leanns blogOur world has made us caged where theirs too much bad and very little good. People are desperate for change and hope that they will do almost anything. What has happened to make it so dark? What happened to the proud and the brave. We use to be the richest, most thrived of and dreamed about country. Why is this? Is there so little for each of us that greed has truly taken over? Can we no longer share? Has things really come to each man or women for them selves? I don’t believe it has to be that way.

On average there are 121 suicides per day! That’s a fact and uncalled for! As people we have needs no matter where you’re from or live. Every person needs a way to support themselves. A job helps and is a main part in life. We have created less jobs with our greedy wants or ways and needs for our convenience in life. Why go to a store? When it can come to our door and not interfere with our schedule. Why should I have to deal with charged parking and the rude funny dressed and overly smelly people in stores. Besides they have the price online that the store doesn’t have. Right? Well now where are all those stores? Wheres are those jobs People use to have? Computers and robots have most of them! We did this to ourselves sadly enough. I can’t say i’m guilt free! I always hated shopping but i miss being able to go. When did Wal-mart become a place for kids to go meet up like older generations use to go to the mall. Well Xbox, Wii, and PlayStation took over arcades for kids to go too. Few places have fun parks so I guess the answer is we made it where they have nowhere to go. Teens started hanging out in parks, but then they started getting trashed from the kids being there and adults not teaching them not to litter so they put pressure on that. Then they started getting shootings and stabbing so that hang out became unsafe and stopped. Who thought it was OK to start putting razor blades in the parks or the latest stunts gluing them to objects but its sick! This stuff needs to be stopped but people just look the other way and stop going. That doesn’t solve the problem it just means more people get hurt.

Young adults use to work from the time they were 12 pulse but now the laws here in the USA has restrict youth to no working and learning under a adult before they become true adults. We still seem to expect them to act like they have gotten that guidance in life. Now there called lazy and told they act like they expect things to be handed to them.

It funny how the world works that way. Judgement based on looks, guess no one ever told them not to judge a book by its cover. Our world has placed so much judgement without learning any facts that its crippling more people than not. This is our world, future and lives being affected. People ask me why I don’t get mad when someone takes my ideas rewrites them and publishes it. Well I write because I have something to say that I feels need to be addressed. I really don’t care how it gets out there as long as it helps others change and better them selves. 

If you look up depression in the dictionary it says “ feelings of severe despondency and dejection; or a long and severe recession in an economy or market.” looks to me we too bully and lazy to a whole new level and as people were all guilty of it.

More and more doors and plazas are closed every day. You take a look around and theirs closed down empty spaces all over. Even the restaurants that we really enjoyed are gone because there was no more walk in customers.  Leanns blog

When did a bathroom become a place to trash and business have to lock people out of from the amount of damage. Well you don’t want me to pee in your parking lot and i have stopped at seven places to properly go. when even the porta potty has been trashed from people, who are nasty and think this is ok! I will pee in the parking lot over my pants, but you jerks that are out there doing it need to stop! It’s really sad that it has come to that, teach respect for other peoples space and property. That includes the Lou! companies come to where they have to pay someone to stay and monitor the bathroom at all times just so they don’t get trashed. They even have to advertise it on bill broads now.  Some one please tell me why? It makes no since to me that it has come to this! Using a bathroom should not be a privilege that should have to be taken away! We are not small children that should have to be instructed on proper bathroom behavior but I guess we do now. As I disabled person stuck in a chair its a pet peeve of mine to go in a public bathroom and the only handicap stall has the little person in it. I have to wait on them and block up the door way cause theirs no where to go. The only reason i’m saying this is half the time its adults encouraging the behavior with a prejudiced and not teaching them to change the behavior.      

Housing and business space cost is out of control, way too high! Do people pay it? yes, well what choice do they have. The fact is people stopped living a life to keep a shelter. What does that say about our ways? One place in our lives that gives us peace and a place together. That’s our shelter and work spaces. This security is being taken from us because of cost and that raises everything around us. If the real state was forced down in cost, we wouldn’t need higher wages to pay them. The stores wouldn’t have the overhead cost they do now, but fact is what they have to pay we pay in our daily lives. When the economy boomed so did this cost but they were never forced to come back down. Greed took over our comforts and security in life as people. 

People need places to go and meet up to be active, not always work and home. They need money to support things like food, shelter, and our basic needs in life. These needs are not being met in life and it damaging us as people.  Is this really what life has come too! Greed and judgment agents each other, no guidance and mistrust. We can’t show resentment this way a build a great nation. Whats sad is that I have a hard time seeing, i’m wheelchair bound and I do more in a day then most people attempt to. That’s pretty sad, unless my allergies or flu have been kicking my butt like they have as of lately. This is when it really resisters to me that i have a chronic illness and it makes me susceptible to illnesses. Hints why I can’t work a regular job no matter how many times I have tried. I gotta say ever since the accident when a flu sinks its claws into me it’s deep. I’m going on two weeks of more sleep then not, been that sick. When did so many doctors stop caring you go to see them and they just blow you off or push you right back out the door. Guess that’s part of our new world too. Sad that things have come to this! I tell you very sad. How do you think we can change this? I don’t know for sure but I can tell you change is needed. I feel like that’s why there’s all this dark in our world we are facing today. Will it take the pirates of modern days to take over because that’s what our history shows to be done. Is that not what scammers, hackers and identity left people are? The last time I have seen it like this the mob and pirates took over. Ok maybe I have just been too sick but I put it out there so guess it’s your turn to decide! until next time Leanns blog. 

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