Galveston Texas

Galveston Texas


Crystal beach, Texas   Don’t forget to ride the ferry for free. Enjoy the dolphins, boats and the water. “It’s a great experience.”

Beach time

I can roll my wheel chair on this sand. There are side walks or beaches that you can drive on.


There is nothing like a romantic stroll on the beach as the sun goes down! There are many beaches in Texas that allow you to have your BBQ, packed coolers, full of your favorite food or drinks, kids get the toys, food and fun all right there on the beach. I have a family, and I’m guilty of being a penny pincher. I enjoy as much romance as the next person, but as a mom I have to take every one chance I can still for myself to its full advantage. If its watching budgets, stilling a bit of romance, or bird and wave watching all be happy with the peace of it.

Mardi Gras Parade

There’s nothing like catching beads from all the floats that go by.

Mardi Gras 2017 is a two weeks of events, parades, live concerts, fried food, and celebrations that lead up to Fat Tuesday. Ash Wednesday,  starts the time of fasting, and the count down to Easter Sunday.  It’s the 47 day mark count down that many people celebrate. For some people it’s a marking from the bible, for others it’s a time to party, gather and celebrate but they have no reason why, it’s just fun. Everyone no matter what you believe want the baby from the cake because it means good luck in money and finances  for the year.

It doesn’t matter if your single, just married, or a whole family, there’s lots of fun ahead for you.

Galveston Texas

Cruises are available
old time buildings and structures for full viewing.

old buildings

Come see some very old structures that have with held through time.

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