Topless 2017

Leanns blog Have you ever felt like you’re allergic to every electronic you touch? I don’t know sometimes I feel like as if devices actually know that I don’t care for them and rebel from my touch. Maybe they just know and decided to just mess with me because they can. Well ok it’s not really my fault but my kids tease me, that I repulse technology all together. It does how ever makes me feel better to know when it really was not my fault at all. This time it was blown circuits, overloaded satellite, and all data restricted because of so many people using them at one time. Makes it hard to keep in touch with all of you. It was great to have you here! Continue Reading →

Leanns blog

When did we just become numbers?

When​ ​did​ ​we​ ​just​ ​become​ ​a​ ​number?    I​ ​would​ ​gather​ ​that​ ​came​ ​about​ ​with​ ​the​ ​technology.​ ​Fans​ ​have​ ​been​ ​asking​ ​if​ ​I​ ​was​ ​in​ ​a​ ​writing block?​ ​No​ ​I​ ​wasn’t​ … Continue Reading →